Asya, Avrupa, Amerika, Afrika

Her yıl 800’ün üzerinde farklı modelle başı çektiğimiz abiye sektörü her geçen yıl hızla büyümektedir. İstanbul’u abiyenin başkenti yapma iddiamız her geçen gün büyüyüp yeşermektedir.


For Costume, Popline, Olisha

We are proceeding in our way in line with our goal of becoming a world brand with firm steps. Our products exported to 5 continents make us delighted when we look back today. The number of our representatives and sales offices in Asia, Europe, America and Africa are increasing each and every passing day.

Our brand’s representing our country abroad is our biggest motivation source. Collections designed through us meticulously and with utmost care every year are sold all over Turkey and primarily in  Istanbul which is the heart of the evening gown industry. The evening gown industry of which we are the leader with different 800 models produced every year is rapidly growing each and every passing year. Our ambition to make Istanbul evening gown capital is growing and blossoming with each passing day.

To work with  you, our valued friends is more important than everything.